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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sunshine and Lucy

How fresh does it feel when the sun finally comes out after a few days (or weeks) of clouds and grey? I think it feels amazing. I frequently see the sunrise thanks to my dog, Lucy. At first it was the worst way to start the day - grumpy, tired, cold, and getting dragged around my apartment complex by a 50lb 1-year old. But I've come to a new conclusion. 90% of the time, when Lucy and I are taking our stroll, no one else is around. The birds have returned to sing in the arrival of green and spring. I can finally wear sandals outside, even if my feet get wet with the dew. I've begun to look forward to those moments when the sun crests the horizon and shoots through the trees. It's fresh, new every morning.

It has challenged me to make sure that I rise with the Son every day. What an over-used comparison, right? But I've realized that I can either wake up and wait for a shower, a cup of coffee, and noon until I wake up and become affective to the world and for Christ, or I can welcome in the chill of the morning air and be grateful. The same way, I can either trudge through the day and eventually pick up scripture, or mumble a prayer, or listen to some Christian music and eventually be reminded that I'm a child of God. Or I can begin each morning with the Son shooting through the pages of the Bible. I can breathe in the fresh breath of Life as the Holy Spirit infuses me with a purpose. I can walk freely [barefoot even] with God and know that He will always love and cherish me. His compassion is new every morning.

So I'll look forward to the sun. I'll look forward to the dew. I'll look forward to what the Son will do. And I'll still look forward to coffee.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Worship & Sin

Sin and worship are opposites. Sin separates us from God and destroys our relationship with him. Worship connects us with God and renews our relationship with him. Even when we sin against others, we're not honoring God, which means that we're doing the opposite of what He has called us to do. And Grace is the gift that covers our sin and allows us to Worship. It is Grace that lets us enter God's throne room. It is grace that has caused the reunion between Father and child. It is grace that has saved us through Jesus Christ and is sacrifice of mercy. And it is Grace that allows us to return back to our Father when we sin. Not that we should keep on sinning so Grace can increase. But we must keep worshiping and giving honor and glory to the source and giver of that Grace. We must never take for granted the intimate relationship that God wants to have with us. Even when He is just and wrathful, his mercy and grace are still available for us and allow us to repent and return to Him.

The difference between SIN and SING is one G. Let that G be Grace.

Monday, May 16, 2005

It's been forever

Moving is fun, but being done with moving is better.

Looking into podcasting.

I need to utilize this blog.

I think I might.