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Friday, April 23, 2010

Two is better than one

So in my last brief post I admitted that I'm a bad blogger. Actually, I think it's more fair to say I'm an inconsistent blogger. That's the challenge with self-proclaimed deadlines and goals. If they're not the main goal, then they continually get pushed to the side. As most of the non-blogging world states - I've got lots more to do than sit down and write about something that not many people will read. Still, I feel that I do have something to say if I have time to say it. So we'll see how well I can keep up. If you have randomly found me and are following OotO then thanks! If you've purposely begun following me, let me know. And keep me accountable for new posts, at least weekly.

With that said, I'm going to take today and focus on another blog. This one isn't exclusively for me. And there's a deadline, so it's going to be a bit higher on my "to-do" lists. In the near future, watch for links to a Worship Mentor Blog. I'm a part of the Worship Mentor Network, an aspect of Worship Foundations International.  It's goal is to create a platform and a structure that can help connect experienced worship leaders and artists with up-and-coming worship leaders and artists. 

I'm looking forward to serving WFI & the WMN in this small aspect.  Check back soon for details, encouragement, resources, and other info.

Bad Blogger

So this is just to admit that I've been slacking. Had a great breakfast today with Leadership Westerville discussing Social Media. Need to get back on it. So more to come soon! I promise!!!