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Thursday, January 13, 2005

How many days

How many days can it rain before you lose all resistance to mopiness?

How many soggy steps can you take in the grass before you begin to leave footprints?

How many clouds can you let fly overhead while dodging their shadows?

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Laying it all down

The paradoxes of Christian Faith are sometimes easier to accept if you don't try to figure them out.

Surrendering sets you free. What an amazing truth. By giving up control, decisions, problems, desires...you gain a freedom and a peace not found elsewhere.

The human injustice of the Crucifiction is non-existant compared to the divine justice of the Cross. Man's wrath was placed on one Man so that God's wrath would not be placed on all men.

Enough for now. Later.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I'm glad I have Monday's off

Jumping into work on Tuesdays is a bit easier than Mondays in some ways. I don't have horrible headaches on Sunday night. I get that extra rest and mind break. It's good.

But, I also sit down on Tuesdays and think that I've got to sprint to the finish every week. I'm a run hard, rest hard type of guy.

People who take naps for 15 minutes, or 30 minutes...I don't get it. A nap is at least as long as half of a football game. Or maybe a LOTR disc.

The ballance between it all is still being connected with the Spirit. Not completely checking out when I'm "off" and not pushing right past the moments when I'm "on."

hopefully today I can find the inbetween. I don't want merely to get things done. I want to complete the tasks set before me.

OK, off to more working.

Friday, January 07, 2005

TAKE 2 off

The end of a week. Friday is here. Enjoy your first non holiday weekend for a change.

Look Up.

Let's See How Long This Lasts

Hello there friends and strangly curious people.

This first post is going to be short. Just like me. Check out my details if you'd like. Basically, a friend started her own blog, and it inspired me to do the same. Sometimes my thoughts will be profound, sometimes they'll be disjointed. Sometimes they won't even be original.

But, I hope this is at least a good procrastination tool.

Look Up.