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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Haden and the New Chapter at the Chilcotes

It's been a few days since my last post.  I've been a bit busy.  My son, my boy, my 2nd born came into my life on June 11th, 2011 at 1:04pm. Here is a recap of the timeline:

  • Went to Nicole's Dr. on Friday June 10th. The baby was still breech, like Reese was, so we scheduled a C-section for June 23rd.  Dr. Arbona joked that she was on call at the hospital for the weekend, so if Nicole wanted to go into labor, she'd be there. (hmm...)
  • Back Labor started early Saturday morning (2:30am) and I did all I could to help Nicole find some comfort. Couch, bed, shower, back to couch, bath, couch, shower, bed. We finally fell asleep around 6am. Reese got me up at 6:30. We called her Dr. at 7:30 when Nicole woke back up. By 9am we were heading to drop Reese off at a friends house and then on to the hospital.
  • In the triage room,
    Nicole was treated for dehydration and pain.  The initial diagnosis was a possible UTI.  But tests were negative. Nicole wasn't progressing while we were there, and contractions were barely showing up on the monitor.  They suggested "extreme late pregnancy discomfort," which I thought was LABOR.  
  • 11:30am Thank God Nicole's OB was on call! She came in and examined her, and overrode the in house medical staff. We were having the baby today. We just didn't know if it was going to be a Haden or a Hadley.
  • 11:45am I made calls and sent texts to parents, friends, and church volunteers. The baby was coming today.  I wouldn't be leading worship. Someone needs to watch Reese.  Everyone was ready to go!  Nicole took a nap, thanks to some pain meds.
  • 12:15pm they roll Nicole off to surgery prep and give me some nice duds.
    I hung around in the triage room for about 30 minutes until they came to get me.
  • About 12:50 they begin the first incision.  If you've not experienced a C-section, it's an fascinating procedure.   The medical staff was awesome.  The anesthesiologist gave me the nod when they were ready to deliver.  From a slot the size of a wallet, I see a leg come out.  Then they maneuver around and get the other leg from inside the mysterious magical billfold. "Did you see that?" the Dr. asks. "I think I did." Definitely a boy!
    After they got his hips out they began really working at getting his torso and shoulders out.  He was a big boy. Reese just popped out like a rabbit in a top hat.  Haden was more like uncorking a bottle.  But just like his sister, he had a nice scarf on - the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck a few times.  Probably due to his trying to head down and getting turned back upright. No worries, though!
  • 1:04pm 8lb 20oz Haden Philip was born!

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